The knee is actually an incredibly intricate structure in which includes 3 bones, 4 ligaments, three compartments, two menisci, cartilage, as well as many tendons and muscles. Coordinated and balanced movement of all of these structures helps make the knee move properly in the absence of pain. Popping, pain and even low functioning of the knee can be as a result of one of these components not working correctly. Knee pain could appear because of injury, joint degeneration, very strict muscles, and also hip, ankle or perhaps foot problems that alter the way the knee is used. Knee pain is truly a regular musculoskeletal condition within most individuals inspite of their age. Certainly there are a variety of reasons with regard to knee dysfunction, but most of them can be alleviated with reasonable care such as rehabilitation, myofascial release, as well as chiropractic manipulation.

Some of the frequent causes of knee pain are:

– Meniscus tear- irritation or perhaps a tear of the cushioning located between the knee joints.

– Arthritis- a roughening as well as narrowing of the knee joint space.

– Runner’s knee- pain experienced within the front of the knee caused by the quads pulling the attachment of the knee.

– IT band condition- stiffness in the muscle on one side of the leg which pulls your knee, causing pain on the outer portion of your knee.

– Patello- a general name commonly utilized to explain knee pains from various root causes.

Each issue is complexed, and it may likewise have numerous root causes. As a result, it is important to consult a physician who is conversant with knee troubles in order to develop the root cause of your pain. Chiropractic treatment might be advantageous with regard to most of the knee conditions.

Causes and symptoms

One common reason for knee pain is simply strenuous sports activity. When running, cycling or perhaps any form of activity which needs to have repeated movement, a number of your muscles get overworked, which may lead to general wear and tear along with muscular imbalances. Each and every step you take whenever you are running can exert about 550% more pressure on the knees when compared to standing. For that reason, no matter if you are running, walking, playing soccer, hiking or perhaps dancing, that force will certainly affect your knee structures.

Previous injuries, major or maybe minor, can also create a scar tissue and it can easily change the way in which you utilize your knee, primarily resulting in pain and degeneration.

The other common explanation for knee pain and dysfunction is generally arthritis, basically narrowing as well as deterioration of the knee joint space, triggering agony, tightness, and swelling. There are various other regions alongside the kinetic connect which may trigger knee discomfort. For example ankle, hip, and also foot pain which in turn may alter the manner in which you use the lower leg, causing knee pain and also dysfunction. Excess physical body weight can additionally exert an excessive amount of pressure upon your joints, and if this takes place over and over again, it may well eventually lead to knee pain.

Usual indicators and symptoms that you ought to pay a visit to a chiropractic specialist due to knee pain and also dysfunction include the following:

– Stiffness
– Pain
– Swelling
– Clicking
– Weakness
– Hardness
– Popping
– signs of knee buckling


While the majority of doctors will pay attention to the symptoms and provide prescription medications, the medication may only relieve your discomfort temporarily. Chiropractic treatment for knee discomforts will certainly incorporate a comprehensive evaluation of the joints, muscles, ligaments, gait, and also posture, in addition to assessing any type of lifestyle habits and also old injuries that could be causing the pain.


Most knee conditions usually respond well to moderate treatment including chiropractic adjustment and don’t ever need surgery. Chiropractic treatment when it comes to relief of knee pain mainly includes a combination of numerous methods, each chosen in order to relieve certain knee disorders.

One of the most typical chiropractic techniques when it comes to the relief of knee pain may incorporate:

Chiropractic manipulations: These are controlled, gentle as well as targeted adjustments applied on your spine as well as knee joints and tissues to restore optimum function and movement.

Active Release Technique (ART): It’s a directed treatment method for specific regions of the muscles in order to relieve scar tissue in order to boost muscle function. ART is also helpful in restoring the movement of the meniscus, which is one of the main reasons for knee pain.

– Myofascial Release (MFR): Pain in the knee can be associated with over worked as well as very tight muscles in your hips, lower back, and legs. MFR relaxes the muscles as well as the soft tissues discovered in between the muscles in order to optimize their functionality. Similar to massage, MFR is more focused on the in-depth treatment of the soft tissues in order to revitalize movement and alleviate pain.

– Rehabilitation: Rehabilitation usually incorporates exercises, foam rolling as well as stretches which may be done either at your work place or perhaps in the convenience of your own home.