Whether or not you are a regular around the chiropractic office, or a complete stranger to the entire procedure, these facts may amaze you:

1. The biggest reason for missing work is because of back troubles.
Bending or leaning forward for a significant amount of time every day results in many complications in the spine. Arthritis, nerve sensitivity, and hernia can all be dued to extended tension in your back. Visiting a chiropractic specialist can help prevent further recurring issues without surgery or medication.

2. Fixing bad posture will not only help you sit up straighter, but it can also help you walk taller – both literally and figuratively. Research studies have shown that inadequate posture has a negative affect on your self confidence, and also directly affects work efficiency.

3. Chiropractic procedures can alleviate the discomfort of pregnancy! It is a safe and painless process, as are all chiropractic treatments. Chiropractic can also affect pregnancy in a variety of beneficial ways, including preventing nausea and decreasing the time of labor and delivery!

4. Chiro doctors are a powerful tool to enlist when striving to treat anxiety and depression. Their schooling includes long-term study of the neurological system, in addition to the external factors that affect it. A good chiropractor not only helps your body heal, but treats your mind as well. If you are suffering from stress, depression, or anxiety, a chiropractor can help you manage it with treatment.

5. Getting frequent chiropractic visits strengthens your immune system. A more powerful immune system can better protect against allergens: both in resisting old allergies and preventing new ones. In reality, reports of the chiropractic benefits to fighting illness go all the way back to the early 1900s. During the 1917-1918 flu pandemic, the death rate for the average medical patient exposed to the flu virus was 7 %, while chiropractic patients experienced a fatality rate of.25 %!

6. Chiropractic doctors know a lot about the human body, and want to educate you so you can help yourself heal and grow. Part of their knowledge deals with nutrition: what you need – and don’t need – to continue on the path toward physical fitness and wellbeing. A chiropractor can steer you in the direction of healthy eating habits that will allow you to manage your weight and energy, while encouraging you in physical activities that get you moving without having doing more harm than good.

7. Dr. Charles Robinson Johnson was known as “The Man Who Made Peekskill Famous”. He graduated from Palmer School of chiropractic in 1918 at 39 years old and practiced for more than 25 years in Peekskill, New York. His reputation brought hundreds of patients to his office every week. But what truly set him apart from other chiropractic practitioners? He was not only one of the most successful chiropractic doctors of all time, he was also blind!